I'm Ashley and this site is now frozen

I've now established the online moniker 'ash2q' and similar. Although I'll always keep aliases etc for email, my proper email is now ashley@ash2q.com. I don't have a personal/tech website right now, but if I do in the future it'll be at ash2q.com. My new github is https://github.com/ash2q and my new twitter is https://twitter.com/ash2qx

I've been thinking a while about how to handle getting rid of the "earlz" moniker and due to the great number of links into my twitter, github, website, etc. I've decided that the best solution for this issue is to make all 'earlz' based accounts, sites, etc read-only and to migrate as needed to new accounts.

This message will be the last (or near to it) thing posted on these accounts, sites etc. For search engine etc reasons, my legal name is Ashley Houston and I was formerly known as Jordan Earls.

See you on the other side

Tags: meta
Posted: 2/9/2022 5:55:26 AM


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