Hacking Another Modem

So someone was nice enough to donate a 2-Wire 3801HGV to me. For what purpose? I don't have U-Verse! Why to root it of course! Apparently no one knows how to make a decent modem these days. So, my goals for this are to get as much info as possible, hopefully find a remote exploit like I did with the NVG510 and publish what's possible and what's not, as well as lay the groundwork for future hackers that probably know a lot more about this stuff than I do. My primary goal at this very second is to get a serial port working and get a root shell.

I'll publish more as I work through this

Posted: 5/21/2013 12:43:19 AM


I followed your 510 guide only to realize I have the 3801HGV. I would love to get this thing rooted!
6/4/2013 1:36:13 AM
Beta Testers Await
7/4/2013 3:10:53 AM
Yes please, let's hack this piece of garbage. The upnp, firewall, and bridge issues are painful!
9/9/2013 2:22:26 PM
Any updates?
9/11/2013 4:50:33 PM
See this later update: http://earlz.net/view/2013/06/01/2042/hacking-the-2-wire 

Basically, this thing is a very secure beast. There has been a guy trying to hack it in a similar way to me for 2 years and he still hasn't made significant progress
9/11/2013 5:54:04 PM
Well let me know, because I am going nuts with this thing.... I just bought an ASUS ac66u which I love and love to use... My roommate loves to see NAT 1 on his ps3 which the 2 wire gives him and my AC66u used to on WAVE broadband. He gets NAT 1 on the DMZ+ but as soon as I give him DMZ+ I loose all the functionality of my vpn my plex and I am limited on max connections not to mention no 5ghz. By the was ac66u in dmz+ with ac66u dmz mode to ps3 still gives nat 2 and I would say "seriously you notice a difference?", but the thing is even I see the latency comparatively typing =). So if you have any use for me, or my endless config. attempts my email is circy6@hotmail.com. Great work though I love to see people doing there part to fix the beta products that we are forced to use. hehe
10/9/2013 2:01:35 PM
This thing is impossible to root.. been trying for years. I work for a major ISP ( not AT&T) that uses these exclusively.. I hate the damn things. Whats worse is the ISP I work for cripples them.. kills access to the ATA and QoS... blaaaa...
12/4/2013 4:24:46 AM
Any updates to getting this thing rooted?  If so, please post or email to bullltaco@gmail.com.
4/3/2014 6:04:32 AM
No, there isn't. I've stopped working on it. 
5/2/2014 2:52:54 PM

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