LightVM + MbedConsole = Not Dead Yet!

So, I've recently been wanting to really get MbedConsole to a all-in-one system, complete with a programming environment. After spending a few months shifting around different ideas on the best way to implement a programming language in such a small amount of resources, I've decided to go another route.

Yesterday, I created a new bitbucket repo called LightVM. Here, I will implement a very lightweight VM complete with a self-hosted assembler with bootstrapping. After getting it to run good on my PC I'll port it to the mbed and eventually also see if it'll work on an ATMega16 or some such.

So, what all will be added to MbedConsole?

  1. LightVM implementation complete with system calls
  2. Assembler for LightVM which runs in LightVM
  3. A very basic file editor. It'll probably be as horrible as ed
  4. "real" filesystem access.
  5. Because the semi-hosted filesystem sucks horribly, I'll be trying to add SD card support

So again, not dead! Check out LightVM. When it gets to a usable state, I'll start working on the bootstrapping assembler and then the actual assembler. The file editor will probably not be made in LightVM for performance and cost of implementation reasons.

Posted: 4/5/2013 12:16:46 AM


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