BarelyMVC Roadmap

So, I've been working on BarelyMVC recently and established that there isn't a formal roadmap. I think that's a bit of a disgrace and wish to change that. So, here is the road map target for version 1.0(in order sorta)

  1. Rework to use IServerContext so the entire framework is easily mocked and unit testable(and as a result, the application built on top of it) (note, API should be fairly stable throughout this conversion)
  2. Strive for better unit test coverage(Don't plan on measuring it, but a lot better than right now)
  3. Get session support built into FSCAuth
  4. Integrate CacheGen into BarelyMVC
  5. Documentation and a tutorial or two
  6. Visual Studio and/or MonoDevelop project templates
  7. Compare and contrast document between ASP.Net MVC and BarelyMVC
  8. Setup a CI and/or nightly build server
Posted: 1/20/2013 7:50:03 PM


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