How to reuse an NVG510

If you are like me and you decide to give AT&T the middle finger and move away from U-Verse, there is still hope you can use the NVG510. It's uses are very limited however due to it's very poor engineering, even with root access.

It's fairly trivial to root and then disable the DHCP server, making it function as a dumb switch. From there, you can now configure it's wifi and such to be a dumb access point.

However, I did this and found the NVG510 is complete and utter crap. It has this really retarded power saving thing (power saving, yet it's still hot to the touch) which basically means "lets cut the wifi power to 1% after being on for 30 minutes"

So, in summary: how to recycle a U-Verse modem:

  1. Douse modem with gasoline
  2. Strike match

Actually though, I think I'm going to begin tinkering with the NVG510's internals. Maybe looking at trying to reflash it and doing other dangerous things... and when I inevitably brick it, proceed to those instructions.

Posted: 12/28/2012 2:30:57 AM


Well, once rooted it looks like it could make a cheap 2-port ATA.  Could also use it as a 3-port 10/100 VLAN breakout box.
11/2/2013 8:09:00 AM
William Carr
I have two of these, and was wondering if they could be re-purposed.

My Sis gave them to me when she moved to a new house.  Joy.

I plugged one in to our DSL out of curiousity and it went looking for U-Verse.

So, you think you could hack these into generic WiFi routers?   My WRT54GS just went schizo and stopped passing through data.

BTW, you wouldn’t happen to recognize that description, would you?
1/14/2014 1:34:37 AM
If you have regular DSL, if you root it, it's possible to configure it for regular DSL it would appear. However, like I said, very shoddy and unreliable firmware. And like I said in the post, I tried bridging wifi and wired and disconnecting DHCP and such, but the firmware put the modem into some kind of power saving mode after 30 minutes so that wifi signal was so weak I couldn't connect to it more than 5 ft away
1/15/2014 3:42:54 AM
William Carr
The DD-WRT firmware isn’t compatible I suppose.
1/19/2014 5:56:29 PM

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