Lastyearswishes/Earlz.Net v2.0 Tagged for RC

So, I tagged the v2.0 release candidate for this site in mercurial. Heres what you can expect:

  • URL formats will change. I'll redirect the old URLs to the new ones though, so no worries
  • Rebranding to Earlz.Net (including redirecting to it)
  • Titles of pages will change for better SEO

And of course, this includes an ungodly amount of internal changes:

  • Comment counts are now denormalized with posts, meaning a good speed increase
  • Updated to the latest version of BarelyMVC, while also doing a massive refactor to be as idiomatic as possible. (though it still needs work)
  • A private-draft tag was added for my amusement.
  • I'll finally have a logo instead of just text
  • This will be the first release using mercurial for version control, rather than SVN

Now, why is it 2.0 RC and not already uploaded? Well, Arch Linux decided that systemd should be forced down everyone's throat. I don't like it, but I don't think this decision will be getting reversed. So, because this is a fairly major change, I'm going to create a new Linode instance (so no downtime) and recreate this server from scratch. I don't have much installed on it, so it should be fairly routine.

Some improvements I'll make:

  • I'll know what I'm doing (ie, I won't be experimenting for 5 hours to get mod_mono and Apache and MVC working properly)
  • General cleanup of course
  • I'll have a deployment process that doesn't suck balls. (svn update/xbuild` is so lame it's not even funny)
  • Hopefully, I'll pick up some systemd knowledge along the way. My work computer uses it since it's a fresh install, but I still haven't upgraded my home computer

I'll be doing this over the weekend unless major problems arise. You shouldn't see any downtime, but if you do, that's why.

Posted: 12/1/2012 8:09:53 PM


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