Improvements on BarelyMVC

So this weekend I decided to work on BarelyMVC more. I've decided it's nowhere near done(though it is usable). So far I've implemented:

  1. Caching for Route group lists(hint: fairly expensive to generate all of them on each request)
  2. XML documentation so now Intellisense works on most everything
  3. Testing (and fixing) for running under Visual Studio 2010/Cassini
  4. Reworked ViewEngine a bit so now the core code for it is in a separate file(hint: updating is much easier now)

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have time to implement maybe "type matching" on route variables with regular expressions, and test it under Visual Studio 2012 and maybe Windows Server 2012.

Haven't got this site updated to use the new features yet, but after I do get it updated, I suspect my requests/second capacity will go up by quite a bit.

Posted: 10/7/2012 2:59:49 AM


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