More Progress for MbedConsole

Well, I've been making more and more progress on Mbedconsole.

For starters, I finally got the PS/2 keyboard working completely. So now getc and friends now point to the PS/2 keyboard and not the serial port. Also, I've added a few more commands than what I had. I also did a lot of other small things like resetting interrupt priorities so that the VGA console should only be disrupted during semi-hosting events(ie, LocalStorage), and probably if the mbed crashes.


As you can see, there is also plearlz. That's actually less of a work in progress than you'd think. I don't have anything "working" right now because it's in the middle of refactor, but it can function as a simple stack calculator so far. I'll consider it complete when I can add words, create "local" variables, and have looping support(which is nearly there, but not quite)


As you can see, the wiring for this project is extremely simple. Ridiculously simple really. I don't have a single real component on my breadboard! All I have are a few resistors. The only thing I might consider adding in the future is a few caps on the power and ground lines of each component.

Don't worry! I'm not just hyping you up for nothing! I expect to release the code along with a more detailed build report probably in a week or two. It's getting very close to "complete" now. What I consider complete is a self-hosting development environment. I'll of course continue improving on it after I release it :)

Also, in case anyone is searching for a PS/2 scancode set 2 map in C source code, here you go. A complete scancode set 2 to ASCII translation table/array. Also BSD licensed. I had to make this by hand. I've come to the conclusion that no sane individual should ever have to do this! Scancode set 2 is SOOO much more complicated compared to set 1!

Posted: 9/28/2012 5:00:56 AM


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