New mbed project

So, I recently discovered that the mbed is capable of generating VGA signals without dedicating the entire processor to the task. This is the VGA library I'm using. It has quite a few limitations.

  1. No ethernet/USB/CAN because it uses one of the reserved RAM blocks
  2. Monochrome only. This actually is fine for every application I have in mind.
  3. Using the local filesystem screws it up pretty bad. Basically whenever a filehandle is open, the screen will vary from flickering to not syncing at all. After all handles are closed it acts normal though

Anyway, after I got it hooked up the first thing I wanted to get on it is a simple console. I have that now. In the picture below though I set it up to just print characters typed into a serial terminal.

Taya typing

Here, Taya is enjoying typing and is begging me to let her "play a game" heh. So, now I know what the next step is I suppose.

Anyway, when I get something that actually does something useful, I'll post the source code as BSD licensed.

Posted: 9/17/2012 4:59:39 AM


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