ASP.Net. Url Rewriting. Postbacks. FUUUUUU

Well, I'm trying to get EFramework to work together with webforms. As you can tell, it's not working so great. Everyone just says "oh just use Context.Rewrite". Well, I'm sorry to tell everyone, but that doesn't do shit.

Basically, I've managed to get it so that everything is good on the client side. Friendly URLs are used in form tags and friendly URLs are used by GET requests. But the problem is postbacks. Basically, I add a button to the page, I attach a click handler, and then I click said button... and nothing happens. The page will POST as normal, the Form field is even filled in Request.. but for some reason, ASP.Net refuses to set the IsPostback property and call my button's click method.

Why? Well, I have no idea. Everyone says it should be working, but it isn't.

Posted: 3/25/2011 3:05:23 AM


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