NVG510 Bridge Mode How-To

Update: Actually, there is an easy solution now. Use my NVG510 Fixer Android application. It'll set you back a $1, but it's one click and super easy. If you prefer the free route, the information on doing it manually is still available in the usual place

Note: this page really shouldn't have made it into search rankings since it's incomplete, but it did... here is what the content was:

Hello, I realize that the most frequently asked thing about the NVG510 is how to put it in a simple bridge mode. Unfortunately, the answer isn't the easiest, but I'm going to try to walk you through it.

First off, Enable telnet as described in this post

After you get the red changes saved text. Telnet should be enabled.

Now comes the fun. If you're using Windows, get Putty you don't need to install it or anything, just download putty.exe

--work in progress--

Posted: 8/13/2013 6:19:03 AM