Switch To Tab "feature" of Firefox

I'm not for sure why Mozilla has been making some brain-dead decisions of Firefox. I wish I did. I'm a long time supporter. I started using it at a beta 0.8 release. I absolutely loved it compared to Internet Explorer. It was revolutionary for it's time as well, at least in my eyes. I also instantly fell in love with tabs.

I'm a heavy user of tabs. So anything Mozilla does about tabs usually affects me quite a bit. It's all been positive until this Switch To Tab bit.

This is an example workflow:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Open web page I need
  3. Create a new tab when I need to google something
  4. Open google results or whatever in a new tab using middle-click ....
  5. Eventually I need to do something distracting so I make a new tab and open facebook or stackoverflow
  6. Then I get back on my work. And repeat

I usually also have a slight bit of a pattern with my tabs. It's not uncommon to have 50 to 100 tabs open at a time. And usually, they are only open in 1 or 2 windows. So, there is a lot of using the nifty scrolling-tab bar feature.

Now what could Switch To Tab possibly break with my workflow?

I don't have good "garbage collection". I'll keep tabs open usually until I decide to close firefox. I do this because usually I end up looking for something I had open 15 minutes ago, or something like 5-15 tabs ago.

So when I go to facebook, instead of opening a new tab in the next location(without resetting my tab scrolling), it will instead go back to the last tab when I opened facebook. Then when I decide to get back on my work, I now have to do another step in my workflow. Scroll through the tabs and figure out what the last page is I was on.

This has a very simple solution. Instead of scrolling back to the old tab's location. Move the old tab to the current tab you are in. This is what I'd think would be most intuitive.

Hopefully Mozilla will rework that "feature" in the future, but until then I'll use the Switch To Tab No More extension.

Also, what is up with them trying to be like Chrome. If I wanted to use Chrome, I'd use Chrome. I could care less about monthly automatic releases. I could care less about an interface consisting of only an address bar.

What Mozilla has done to firefox is basically just make Chrome look more attractive. If Chromium(linux) was more stable, I would probably have switched to it by now, honestly.

Just my rant of the day.

Posted: 6/17/2012 6:08:50 AM