Rebranding, Style updates, Oh my!

So as you can tell, this site is good enough for right now.. However, I'm currently working on a major planned update. Included in this update will be:

  1. Rebranding to (I already own that domain, don't try to extort me)
  2. Site layout and style will be updated in minor ways to do with the rebranding
  3. The redirect for will be dropped (pretty sure no one is using it anyway)
  4. URL format will change It will look more like
  5. Possibly a config-ish page for configuring miscellaneous things such as the code for the project wonderful ads (you'll never see this :P )
  6. Remove Facebook like buttons
  7. Self promotion -- Add a link to my new twitter :)
  8. Possibly replace facebook like buttons with twitter and google+ buttons since facebook wrecks my layout and is overly slow

These changes won't take place for probably a month, and there might be a release between there. Also, don't worry, no action will be needed for updating bookmarks and such. I know how to use permanent redirects :P

Posted: 10/12/2012 3:07:29 AM

About Me, Projects, and Tag Index updated

So I actually got around to writing code on my website for about an hour and now I have pages I can actually edit without recompiling. So, be prepared for an actual Projects page, and for a lot more updates to happen to the About Me page.

Also, there is now an actual tag index. Check it out. I think it's cool anyway.

Also, be prepared for less hacking on the NVG510 because I actually have some free lance work to do. So I'll try to limit myself to hacking on it during the weekends and late at night.

Tags: meta updates
Posted: 6/11/2012 7:40:17 AM