Moving To Cleveland

Well, if you're wondering why I haven't been around here for a while the past week or so I'll finally tell everyone why. I ended up accepting a job in Cleveland, Ohio. The company I'll soon be working for is PreEmptive Solutions. I'll be working on their Dotfuscator team. This means, I'll get to have a ton of fun learning .Net's IL.

This move also means I'll be going back to my "work mode". When I work as a programmer, I don't like to come home after 8 hours of programming and do more programming. So, my open source projects will likely see a decrease in activity as will this blog. Though, I do like having small weekend projects sometimes as well. Also, my work on the NVG510 will most likely completely stop. I'll have internet options up there other than U-Verse and won't be stuck with that crappy modem.

Also, this website will most likely end up getting relocated as well. I use Linode for my hosting; with this, I get my choice of data centers. Currently, it's located in Dallas, TX. I'll most likely move it though to New York, NY so that I have less latency.

Posted: 7/27/2012 1:04:06 AM