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This is OUT OF DATE. See this blog: http://earlz.net/view/2022/02/09/0555/im-ashley-and-this-site-is-now-frozen

Some content has been removed.

Also, check out my Github and Bitbucket for my open source stuff (mostly just experiments and incomplete stuff.. but there are a few gems)

I'm currently employed as.. Co-Founder and lead developer of Qtum! It's an extremely exciting blockchain project that is based out of China. As of this writing still in Cleveland, but soon moving to Colorado around the Denver area.

Of course, all opinions on this site are my own and not my company's, blah blah blah.

I like drawing sometimes, even though I can barely make anything more passable than stick figures and scribbles. I love me some good music. My taste falls somewhere between "pop-punk", rock, and blues. I'm a sucker for anything acoustic too. Favorite bands include: Brand New, The Wonder Years, The Black Keys, Motion City Soundtrack, old school Fall Out Boy, old school Green Day, Neutral Milk Hotel, Bayside... and yea. I could go on a while. I've recently started going to concerts and admiring how awesome a few of these bands are.

And on the music note (ha), I also enjoy playing it. I'm not particularly good at any instrument, but I can make noises come from my guitar and bass guitar that aren't horrible. I also enjoy attempting to do songwriting. I won't share anything I've written here unless I think it's really REALLY good, but I have a psuedonym that I publish songs under in my attempts to get feedback on my writing style.

I mess with electronics as well, though my workbench has sat idle entirely too long in the past year or so. To go along with music as well, sometimes I attempt to make a guitar pedal or some such, but my lack of knowledge on audio electronics is pretty crippling. I need to just buy a pedal kit, and then try to make modifications to it to understand things more.. but eh. Most of my "successful" electronics projects have only had digital components and microcontrollers involved. Analog electronics is hard.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and I'm not going to type 1000 words here:



About This Site

Well, I just couldn't resist telling people how this site was made. Anyway, this site is truly one of a kind.

I created this site using C# in ASP.Net running on Mono served by Apache. I did not use WebForms, nor did I use ASP.Net MVC. I used my own MVC framework called LucidMVC. (formerly known as BarelyMVC)

You can find more details about how it really works by reading this blog post. It's a bit out of date, but still gives a good overview.

How To Contact Me

If you need to contact me about something, you can email me at "Earlz at this domain name(earlz.net)". I'm also on the twitters @earlzdotnet

I'm also always online on IRC at freenode. My nick is earlz. I'm not always watching it, but I have a server with irssi so I'm always online. So send a message with how to contact you and I'll get back to you

Also, you can leave a comment on a page around here. I check the hidden global comment list, so I don't have to manually check every page.

Waffles, waffles and more waffles


If you feel compelled to sending a donation to me, instead just send your donation to a good charity, maybe something protecting net neutrality/censorship, or ACLU, or Archive.org, or something that helps sick kids.

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