Configuring a SoYouStart IP for Arch Linux

So, I recently managed to snag a SoYouStart dedicated server. It comes with 16 IPs, but configuring more than the main IP (ie, "failover" IPs) is definitely not trivial. I used my dedicated server for hosting my own VMs with Proxmox, so I definitely needed to use these extra IPs.

I couldn't find any good way to configure a failover IP configuration in Arch Linux, so I scrounged around and ended up following directions mostly from the FreeBSD instructions, but adapted for Arch.

Here's how I did it

[earlz@test2 ~]$ cat /etc/netctl/virtnetwork 
Description='A more versatile static ethernet connection'
# Any valid iproute command can be placed in this array
IPCustom=('addr add FAIL.OVER.IP/32 dev ens18' 'route add PRIMARY.IP dev ens18' 'route add default via PRIMARY.IP')

Replace FAIL.OVER.IP with the appropriate failover IP(ie, the extra IPs). Replace PRIMARY.IP with your main IP, but change it to end with 254.

I'm sure there is a better way to do this, but eh. close enough for me

Posted: 1/15/2015 2:54:58 AM