My first program

This is the oldest code I can find which once did something.

It's quite amazing. I can remember some of my thoughts when I wrote it. I had this huge obsession with using as few resources as possible. I had a fairly good machine for the time (512Mb of memory), but was obsessed for no good reason. Windows Media Player 9 was my media player of choice, mainly because it came with Windows. However, I considered it very heavy in resources, so I set out to use my newly honed skills to write the best media player in the world.

I even remember a tiny amount of the implementation details. I remember the reason starty wasn't start. I originally didn't think it needed to show the menu's text... but then I realized I needed to show it as it scrolled off the screen. The rest of the labels (except for l) I'm 99% sure are complete gibberish. I'm quite amazed that the variable names actually make sense though, other than st. st I can only assume was shorthand for start which for some reason translated to command.

Believe it or not, I iterated onto this and tried to actually sell the thing! I had paypal buttons and everything on a website called simple-apps.

It's amazing how naive I once was..

Posted: 6/25/2013 2:30:25 AM