Some old code

I decided to upload some... interesting code I wrote quite a while ago.

First, we have SecOS, a 512 byte OS written in 2007. It was actually pretty cool. You can go [here] to download a zip file with the source and compiled images


  1. capable of reading from "StoopidFS" floppy disks.
  2. Capable of executing programs and listing files on the floppy
  3. Fits in 512 bytes! Talk about lightweight!

And here you can download SecOS in zip format with BSD licensed source code and prebuilt images

Second, we have Slibe. Like it's name, it was quite ugly. It was my previous blogging system. While it wasn't absolutely terrible, my current system is much cleaner. Although it was sort of designed for general use, it wasn't abstracted enough to really be used generally and was tied to "", my previous domain. It was written in 2010, just before I started to really like .Net


  1. Allowed content creation through BBCode-ish
  2. Allows comments on posts
  3. Even features secure-ish authentication (actually quite similar to how FSCAuth works under the hood)
  4. Even supports multiple pages heh (that was added in the last 5 commits)
  5. Uses PostgreSQL for it's database
  6. I think it also supported tagging

You can download it's source code here. It's BSD licensed, but comes with no real documentation.

Anyway, just thought I'd share some of my old open source applications that didn't have a home on the internet. You'd have to be retarded to use them blindly as a production system(especially SecOS :P )

Posted: 7/4/2012 5:35:46 AM