MarkdownSharp is freaking slow!

So, I use MarkdownSharp on this website for translating my posts from markdown to HTML. During a profiling session, I found that MarkdownSharp is horribly HORRIBLY slow. It was the bottle neck of my entire website. On my personal machine, requests per second went from 325 (or ~22ms per request) to 720 (or ~9ms per request) when I cached the markdown translated text.

Personally, I find it pitiful that Markdown was more of a bottleneck than my database. Getting of my post data from my database: ~5 ms. Translating all of the text in the posts to HTML: ~15ms. What the hell is wrong with this!?

I'm sure Markdown isn't trivial to translate of course, and mono generally sucks at string operations anyway. But still, I find this absolutely ridiculous that the only thing so far I've had to cache is markdown translations.

Anyway, this website is updated now and should be capable of handling about 100 requests per second. I suspect the primary reason I can't achieve anything higher than that is a combination of Apache having a lot of overhead and my VPS being rather weak anyway. But, this should be plenty for this low traffic blog.

Posted: 12/3/2012 4:36:54 AM