Breaking Changes For Everyone!

So, remember how I said there would be no more breaking changes to the router of BarelyMVC? Well, part of the whole "making it testable" meant that the current API as it was sucked major balls. We need some way to simple get an IServerContext into the created HttpHandler. It's not really possible without magic with the current way the API is... So, it's changing.

The Proof Of Concept for a tiny taste of the new API is here. Highlights:

  • Fluent API blog.Handles("/blog/new").With((c)=> c.New()).RequiresAuthentication()
  • Worry less about getting data from routes/forms into your HttpHandler methods
  • Treat handlers more like controllers
  • Make it so no more reliance on static class elements like HttpContext.Current
  • Will reduce code duplication for adding similar routes on the same "controller"
  • STILL no reflection or manual casting required! Not even an explicit generic parameter!

With the way I foresee this working, I can honestly say it looks significantly better than ASP.Net MVC's way of routing. I mean, we're talking FLUENT API cool. I'd dare to say it's also better than OpenRasta's form of routing.

In case you were too lazy to look at that gist. Here is an example:

var blog=router.Controller(() => new BlogController());
blog.Handles("/foo/bar").With((c) => c.View());

Can it read anymore like plain English? I don't believe so. And still, no magic, no reflection, no casting. Just good ol' fashion generic delegates and some neat compiler support for implicit generic parameters.

So, yes, it's a huge breaking change, but your code will suck less after migrating. Trust me, I have about 50 lines of code just for routing for this blog. I don't take breaking changes to routing lightly.

Posted: 2/14/2013 7:17:37 AM