New Computer

So I finally got my computer built. Basically, it's a beast. The OpenBSD dmesg is here. I prefer OpenBSD dmesgs to Linux dmesgs.

But anyway, it's running Arch Linux and utilizes a software RAID0 and RAID1 array across two harddrives. I put the RAID0 array mostly there for my virtual machines so that they'll be as fast as possible and Wow. I can boot Windows XP from a virtual machine and start Visual Studio in about 15 seconds. Booting just Windows XP takes 5 seconds. It's insanely fast. I didn't think a virtual machine could actually go so quick.

But yea, Project: Earlz-Zeta is definitely a success. Best $600 bucks I've ever spent.

Tags: me earlz-zeta
Posted: 6/27/2011 4:42:10 AM