Comment Spam

Well, I guess you know you're getting big when you finally get your first few bits of comment spam. This particular bit of spam appears to have been human generated though (ie, copy and paste into the comment field and such).. This means it will be relatively uncommon because I can delete comments easier than they can post them.

This means that bots so far haven't been able to crack my honey-pot though. If the human spam increases though, I'll end up having to put in some kind of way to slow down spammers. So far comments are still enabled, but if I get much more spam I'll disable them until I get an update to alleviate this problem

Posted: 11/10/2012 9:40:11 PM

Yay Comment Support Yay

I finally got around to adding comment support to this website after just a tiny bit of frustration (Thank god for Linode's backup service).

Anyway, the comment support is pretty basic. Just HTML encoded text. No links or anything, though I do eventually want to support a basic version of Markdown... Also, we'll see if my spam preventer is good enough. I kind of doubt it is, but I have a kill switch if I get flooded with spam.

So go on, test it out and see if it works!


Also, yes, I plan on fixing the comment links on the front page to actually align. That didn't show up in my test environment. Right now It's 1:30am though and I'm going to sleep since this update took much longer than I wanted

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Posted: 3/16/2012 6:22:56 AM