FSCAuth Changes

Ok so here is basically a change list for FSCAuth 1.1

  • A random salt was added to each UserData
  • That salt is used in hashing passwords and login cookies
  • Added support for HTTP Basic Authentication. It was actually slightly redesigned to work with Basic and Forms authentication at the same time
  • Added password reset function
  • Added short cut methods to UserData. So now there is Update(), SaveNew(), Delete(), and Reset Password().
  • Renamed all methods in IUserStore. Now have UpdateById and GetUserByName.
  • Added DeleteUserId to IUserStore
  • Revamping to make Authentication.Authenticate useless now. All user data is now loaded in a lazy fashion. When you make a reference to CurrentUser it will load it.

Basically, these changes are mostly features and refactoring to make it more useful to it's audience.

I'll also be adding an external git repository to hold example websites and example UserStores, all BSD licensed.

I plan to push out 1.1 in the first week of June. I will probably try to market this out to people and get some information about it out there. This is because I wasn't for sure how 1.0 would be received. So I've added features and made it somehow even easier to code against. I've also added the HTTP Basic Authentication method with web services in mind who think that WCF is too complicated for such a simple task.

Posted: 5/28/2011 5:39:50 AM