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So, as you can tell, I have a small ad space by Project Wonderful. Here is a bit of a "review" from a publisher's stand point:


  • Project wonderful is.. wonderful! At least in theory. It's such a breeze to work with and I don't worry a single bit about it now that it's set up.
  • It's very easy to create an advertising account. This gives the opportunity to viewers to post their own ads quite easily
  • I personally think the auction-like system is genius
  • It's based on how much advertisers think your ad-space is worth, not how many click you get. No click fraud and all that crap
  • Nothing annoying about the ad spaces
  • Built-in easy to use basic analytics

Now the cons:

  • It heavily depends on what kind of content you host. About 90% of the advertisers seem to be small-time comic authors.. That's fine if you're also a comic-author, but if you're not, then the advertisers value your ad-space at a much lower value
  • Somehow, it doesn't seem to react to spikes in traffic. I had 2,000 views in one day and my ad space was sitting there at $0. This may be caused by my first con
  • Returns seem extremely small, even for a small blog like mine. I've had an ad-space for 2 months and have 15 cents in my account.

I'll elaborate more on the first con some more. I click through to an advertiser on this site and noticed that their ad-space was going at 6 cents. Relatively high for a small comic. I looked at their stats and noticed they had for the past week 200-400 views depending on how you look at it(Project Wonderful seems to be inconsistent?). That's not very much traffic at all. But yet, 6 cents. In comparison to this blog where I get 300-400 views per week. My ads are usually free with my biggest spike I can remember was 5 cents for like an hour. I average less than 1 cent/hour over most days.

What's the difference? Between this site and some guy's comic? Content. The key is in the content. Honestly, comics really lend themselves to being marketable. I mean, if you're reading a comic, chances are, you might like reading another comic that's advertised.

Compare this to my blog. Most people who come to my blog come to see one thing. Some of my popular queries:

  • root NVG510 modem
  • Arch Linux MongoDB
  • mbedconsole
  • openbsd usb drive

Unlike a comic, people don't usually stay on my blog a while. They get their solution and leave. Probably very few actually look at more than 1 article. (I really need to analyze my data more to figure out if this is true)

What else? Blogs are very differentiating. People who might like food blogs, probably won't be interested in this programming blog.

So, with that said. in the near future(with this big update coming), I'll probably either remove the project wonderful ads, or switch to another ad provider. I really love the idea, but it suffers from the chicken and egg problem.

Note I'm not complaining about Project Wonderful. It's just that their "audience" doesn't fit mine. If I had a comic blog, you could bet that I'd have project wonderful ads plastered everywhere.. but since this isn't about comics, it has such diminishing returns that it's not worth it to me.

Posted: 10/23/2012 2:23:37 AM

Your ad here!

As you can tell, I added an ad to this site. I actually forgot to disable adblock when I added it as well, and I was trying to figure out why I was having so many problems getting it to display.

But anyway, depending on the amount of ad money I get in, it might stay. I'll let it run for a few months at least though. Hopefully it helps me break even on my (inexpensive, but not free) hosting.

Don't worry, I'll never have more than 1 ad(though, I may move that ad's location or make it a 2-block ad). I'm not going to plaster a bunch of crap on here or otherwise Sellout. (What's that? You want my domain name for $1 million? Email me!)

Also, that single ad is displayed on every page of the site nearly. I get about 200-500 unique visitors a day(as of this moment), so if you want to run an ad, give me a couple of pennies :)

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Posted: 6/14/2012 12:22:19 AM