This is out of date!

This page is now considered obsolete and will only work with older firmwares. See the full article for full details, and a new exploit that works on new firmware.

NVG510 Telnet Enable

Go to the page and login if necessary. After the page loads, view the source of the page and search for "nonce". There should be something like this:

<input type="hidden" name="nonce" value="815a0aaa0000176012db85d7d7cac9b31e749a44b6551d02" />

Copy the long string of text into the nonce field below. For this example, you'd copy `815a0aaa0000176012db85d7d7cac9b31e749a44b6551d02` into the below text field.

Push Save to enable telnet. You should see a page on your modem with the "Changes Saved" on it. If you don't see this, it didn't work.

See The full article for more details and what to do next.

Nonce value:

Too Complicated?

If this procedure is too complicated or technical, you may be interested in my android application, NVG510 Fixer. It can fix common problems with at the click of a button