This page is almost always out of date. If you want to see a more up to date list of my projects, see my CV

Old listing of projects

I have had quite a few projects through the years. Most of them didn't reach completion, but I'll list them here anyway.

Everything here is BSD licensed.

I'll attempt to start in order of newest first

ILDump {C#} tags -- A simple tool that goes through an assembly and dumps each method's IL. It allows for labels to only be created when needed, NOP removing, and sorting of method names so that two assemblies can be compared at an IL level easier.

TermControl {C++} -- This is a very minimalistic C++ "library" (really it's just a single header file). Basically, it's an abstraction for interfacing with a VT100 compliant terminal. It sends VT100 escape codes while abstracting a few things such as x,y positioning. It's targeted at the mbed, but should be trivial to port to anything else.

BarelyMVC {C#} tags -- A minimalistic MVC framework built atop ASP.Net. It's designed to be straight forward and stay out of your way.

Scripter2 {C#} -- This is a scripting engine I made in C#. It's a true scripting engine and doesn't use Reflection.Emit. It's a true interpreter. This is still an active work in progress

EView {C#} -- This is a view engine made in C# using T4. It generates plain-old-classes at compile time and makes "statically-typed" views. This is "complete" enough for me. It's used on this website.

EFramework {C#} -- This is a simple MVC framework made to run on Mono or ASP.Net. It's designed to be fast and get out of your way. I made it before ASP.Net MVC was very stable on Mono. This is practically complete

FSCAuth or bitbucket {C#} -- This is an authentication module for ASP.Net(It also works with EFramework or ASP.Net MVC). It's designed so that the only thing you have to worry about is a simple interface to your database. It also allows for BCrypt hashes. This is practically complete

x86Lib {C++} -- This is a full 8086 emulator. It emulates only the processor and is designed so that other developers can plug it into their emulators so they don't have to reimplement the processor. This is practically complete

Niche {PHP} -- Back before I realized how nice SQL is, I actually hated it. This is a very simple CMS that allows for file-based plugins and allows for a file-based database. It was a piece of crap, but meh. This wasn't completed in any way.

EPBP {C++} -- This was my attempt at creating a byte code interpreter. It ended up being usable, but was pretty pointless. This wasn't really complete, though it did make some progress.

Robot-AI {C++} -- This was a simple attempt at creating my own artificial intelligence through "evolution". It never got to any real point of being useful, but I liked coding it. This wasn't complete at the end of it.

SecOS(open source, but not uploaded anywhere) {x86 Assembly} -- This was a weekend project that went quite well. The challenge was to implement an OS within a bootsector(512 bytes). It ended up having support for a simple filesystem, a text display command, and an execute file command. This is as complete as I care to get it. I had I think 12 bytes of free space when I was done.

AlloyOS(Open source, but not uploaded anywhere) {C and x86 Assembly} -- This was a hobby operating system project. It was a simple x86 protected mode OS. It ended up getting quite a few things complete including running executables in ring3, some system calls, and basic drivers. Hobby OS projects are hardly every completed. This one is no exception.

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